Influence beliefs, behaviours and policies

At Pretty Clear Science Communication we use the power of creative communication to elevate scientific knowledge and advance the greater good.

As a nimble-footed boutique consultancy, we partner with a network of specialists to deliver personalised, results-driven engagement campaigns for scientists and science-based organisations.

We specialise in targeted communication and publicity that speaks directly to the public and key stakeholders such as policymakers and funders. Using an audience-centric approach, we craft messaging that resonates with the people who matter most to you, your work and your goals.

By tailoring our strategy to your unique objectives, we can help you achieve the engagement and support needed to make a real impact.


How We Keep it Pretty Clear


We value interactive and participatory approaches such as digital platforms, public events and workshops, to foster dialogue, curiosity, and enthusiasm for scientific topics. We aim to inspire a sense of wonder and encourage individuals – whether the general public or professional stakeholders – to explore and appreciate the scientific world.


We strive to bridge the gap between complex scientific concepts and diverse audiences using effective storytelling techniques and clear, concise language. By keeping our communication accessible and personable, we empower individuals of all ages and backgrounds to understand and appreciate the fascinating world of science.


We believe in using the most effective tools of commercial marketing to make good even better. We recognise the evolving nature of science and embrace the changing landscape of communication platforms as an opportunity to explore new technologies, creative approaches and emerging media to effectively promote scientific discoveries and ideas.

Audience Orientation

We identify your target audiences and develop strategies to effectively position your messaging where it resonates the most. We believe that aligning your communication and objectives with the lives of your audience will create the most value for you – and them.


We value accountability and ensure that communication efforts are cost-effective and provide a positive return on investment. We analyse metrics, track the performance of initiatives and continuously optimise strategies for maximum impact and efficiency.


We work equally well in any setup, whether independently handling entire projects and campaigns, collaborating with existing communications teams or providing expert advice to optimize performance for managers or select employees.

About Mette Holbæk

Mette Holbæk is an experienced communications professional, who brings a range of expertise in strategic relationship management and audience engagement to help clients and collaborators achieve their goals.

With an empirically proven (science pun intended) record of creating impactful communication strategies for clients across industries, including public and private companies and brands, she is well-equipped to help scientists, experts and organisations increase public awareness about their work and their results.

A former executive with the largest publishing houses in Denmark, Mette has a deep understanding of client needs and effective communication strategies for organisations of all types. This enables her to communicate clearly and provide decisive feedback to clients, ultimately leading to more efficient decision making.

Download Mette Holbæk’s resume → [pdf].