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Increase Interest and Understanding With Effective Communication

Public Relations Strategies

Agile and unconventional in approach, Pretty Clear delivers impactful strategies for effectively communicating even the most complex subject matter at eye-level with the target audience.

Know your potential

Would your field of research or institution benefit from heightened public awareness, deeper engagement or strategic communication? We can help you define opportunities and objectives to maximise the reach and resonance of your work.

Be ambitious

Partnering with a communications professional, like Pretty Clear, amplifies the impact of your ground-breaking research. Pretty Clear specialises in tailoring solutions to perfectly complement the subject and significance of your research, engage stakeholders and captivate the public.

Articulate the relevance

Connection comes first. Before you can get what you need – funding, support or widespread adoption – you must clearly articulate how your audience (big or small) will benefit from your work. We’ll help you tell the story, so they can rally behind you.

Take up space

Position your field, your centre or yourself in the public conversation to increase awareness and understanding. We can help with the strategic approach best suited to your particular strengths and objectives.

Pitches & positioning

Attract (the right kind of) media attention with a strategy accommodating to both your core message and journalistic priorities. We craft stories to highlight your project from all angles, produce press releases and pitch to relevant media.

Media training

Being confident, credible and clear when speaking to journalists makes the most of your limited time with them. We offer in-person training sessions for you or your spokespersons – and make sure your messaging is concise, accessible and effective.

Thought leadership

Become – or remain – the authority on a particular subject or the go-to media source within your area of expertise. We offer 360° thought leadership strategies, including target audience, channels, content and messaging.

Media kits

Control the narrative of your initiative by having packaged and approved media kits readily available to media, potential partners and stakeholders, including fact sheets, press releases, bios, images, testimonials and FAQs.

Press Relationship Management

Engaging with the media is an effective – and often necessary – way to reach the diverse groups of people that may benefit from knowing about your work. Pretty Clear can help you define and execute a strategy-driven PR plan, whether on-going or for specific projects or campaigns.

Content Creation

There’s a multitude of communication formats, but all may not be equally suited to share your ideas. Digital experience, tactile print or live performance in a cloud of chalk dust? Whatever the medium, skilfully produced content can attract – and hold – attention to further the understanding of your work and vision.

Podcasts & video

Original and captivating high-quality content for digital distribution can amplify your message and solidify your position. One-offs, series, partnerships with media or platforms, on your current budget or through standalone funding – we’ll help with both strategy and execution.

Events & activations​

Once we know exactly who you want to influence, engage, involve or impress we will conceptualise and produce the events needed to do just that – from festival talks to stakeholder soirées to public infotainment and beyond.

Social media strategy

Pretty Clear can draft a social media channel and content strategy for your own team to execute, or offer full-service social media management, including short-form journalism and storytelling through words, photos, graphics and video. We’re experienced in both online-only community-building or hybrids with live activities.

Trade book concepts

A popular medium enabling broad distribution since 1436, books are great vessels of knowledge and experiences for the wider public. We work with authors and publishers at any stage from ideation and editorial concept to launch and promotion.

Grant proposals

Unlock funding opportunities with our strategic copywriting services for public engagement grant proposals. As active co-applicants or service providers, we specialise in crafting convincing narratives that showcase the value of your science communication project.


Let us optimise the wording on your websites, newsletters, invitations, announcements, explainers, presentations, correspondence, ads – even email signatures – to ensure that every point of contact helps raise awareness about your work.

Visual identity

Let us help shape a cohesive visual identity for your program, including a memorable logo, brand colours, typography and captivating visual assets like graphics, icons, infographics and templates help deliver a consistent and positive brand experience across all touchpoints – physical, digital and interactive.

Digital presence

Attract attention and build relationships through an engaging online presence. We establish the essentials: a captivating website, compelling newsletters, vibrant social media channels and effective search engine optimisation, driving discoverability and awareness.

Brand storytelling

Compelling narratives effectively communicate your program’s mission, values and impact. We develop brand stories, produce on-message interviews and testimonials, captivating case studies and engaging multimedia content.

Internal communication

Empower internal stakeholders, staff and volunteers with comprehensive training sessions and workshops. We ensure they fully grasp and embody your program’s brand values, messaging and guidelines, fostering consistency and alignment throughout your organisation.


Branding is a set of tools for consistent visual and narrative representation that shapes public perception and understanding of the subject you’re communicating. When done well, it creates a unique identity, reflecting the mission, values and impact of your work.